PragaDrinks Syrup

PragaDrinks Syrup offers the same low-calorie health benefits and tastiness of PragaSugar, but in concentrated syrup. Our syrup is non-alcoholic and ideal for making drinks and as the sweetening ingredient in all baking or cooking.

It can be added to any refreshment, including lemonades, cocktails, smoothes, shakes, or just plain water, for a better way to quench your thirst.

PragaDrinks is excellent as a sweet sauce, ice cream topping, or for use in homemade jams and marmalades.

Use 3x more syrup in your beverage as you would another syrup from the market, without equalling the number of calories in regular sweetening syrups. It is natural, low-calorie, and has NO aftertaste.

  • Natural and low-calorie
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial flavor
  • No added sugar
  • Extra flavorful in high dilution
  • Only a small quantity needed for sweetening
  • Glycemic index of 25 means its suitable for diabetics

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